Faith IS Unrealistic…

Hebrews 11:1; 2 Corinthians 5:7

Unrealistic: based on what is wanted or HOPED for rather than what is possible or likely; not SENSIBLE

***Transparent Testimony***
Back in December my wife’s car got hit and was totaled out a couple weeks ago…this weekend we had to return the rental and we are operating with just one car (my car, high use, high mileage). Needless to say we need another vehicle, ASAP!!! Due to bad financial decisions, I HAVE HORRIBLE CREDIT and I used all of our savings to get into school…so the down payment needed is non existent! So we were trying to figure out what to do and how to do it, maybe get a loan or buy super used from the side of the road! Well, in prayer this morning I heard the Lord say “Don’t lower your EXPECTATIONS to fit your SITUATION…” I replied “it’s UNREALISTIC to expect to get a new car with what we have (or don’t have)!” Then God said “FAITH is UNREALISTIC!”…it’s “unrealistic” to be thrown in a fiery furnace and not be burned…but it happened! It’s “unrealistic” to be thrown in a den of hungry lions and not be eaten…but it happened! It’s “unrealistic” to feed 5000 men and their families with 2 fish and 5 loaves (and have leftovers)…but it happened! Don’t let doubt and unbelief or SENSIBILITY cause you to miss out! What God has for you WON’T MAKE SENSE…but it can happen! I’m asking you to pray my strength and direction…that I move when and how God tells me…to be continued! #BeBlessed

Choose to Change!

Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Happy New Year!!! We made it! This is a time where people have made resolutions and are excited about all the new things God has in store for them. We will hear “New Year, New Me!” or “I’m gonna CHANGE this, and I’m gonna CHANGE that…” I just want to let you know that true, lasting, and positive CHANGE doesn’t just happen by luck, wishful thinking, or CHANCE! CHANGE is a CHOICE…meaning that you must CHOOSE to CHANGE! It’s sad that many of us have been struggling (in the same situation) for years, simply because we don’t CHOOSE to CHANGE our habits, surroundings, friends, etc..Don’t be INSANE (doing the same thing, expecting different results), CHOOSE CHANGE! For example, compare the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5) and the man by the pool (John 5)…they BOTH needed healing, but only ONE of them CHOSE to CHANGE! She only suffered 12 years (yes, that’s a long time) while the man at the pool suffered for 38! You can’t get where God wants to take you and receive all that God wants to give you until you become determined and intentional about CHANGE! For years we have simply been going through the motions in our homes, churches, and jobs and it’s sad that the only CHANGE we have made in years is on the calendar! I’ve heard many times that 2020 is the year of “clear vision” (sounds good and I’m excited) but I must tell you that God has been an “eye doctor”. He’s been trying to help us “see clearly” for years. He has “diagnosed” us and given us the “glasses”, tools to help us “see better” (the Word, the Holy Ghost, a relationships, good leadership). So this year I encourage you to “put your glasses on” (use what He has already given us), CHOOSE CHANGE! I pray the blessings of God over you and your family this year! HAPPY NEW YEAR! #BeBlessed

Trust the Promise!

Genesis 41:37-45; 2 Corinthians 1:20


The PROCESS may be UGLY, but the PALACE is BEAUTIFUL! God hasn’t forgotten about you…He keeps His PROMISES! #BeBlessed

***Transparent Testimony (long post)***

Dec. 10, 2018 was my day of resignation…this decision came about after MUCH PRAYER and SUPPLICATION and FASTING! I quit my job to become a student full time…I left my job before finding a new job (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE) but I was following the voice and the lead of God…taking a LEAP OF FAITH! In walking away from my job, I was not only walking away from $15/hr (decent pay for “unskilled” labor), I was also walking away from a place of COMFORT and COMPLACENCY! To say it has been hard is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Understand that God has been with me and my family every step of the way…making ways out of no way…supernaturally supplying our needs…but it’s still been HARD! It’s hard to tell my kids (who have never had to go without) no, we can’t get this or that…no, we can’t go here and there…no, we can’t do ALL the things we used to do…it’s HARD! And a couple days ago the spirit of the enemy briefly got me in my feelings…I heard him say “it’s Christmas time, but your bank account looking like Easter! (referencing the fact that everytime we look up there are 0’s like easter eggs)” it hurt me bad but I began to pray! And the devil must have forgot what happened on Easter! The devil must have forgot that on Easter my Savior got up with ALL POWER! Power to turn around my current financial situation and the power to fix any problem that you are facing! And on Dec. 10, 2019 (exactly 1 year later) I was in a hospital at clinicals…one step closer to being where God wants to be professionally! If you read this whole thing God bless you and know that THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD!!! I’m also asking for your prayers for my family and I as we go through this process! I also want to thank all of our family that have been helping us along the way! It won’t always be like this…#BeBlessed


Every December (the last 4 or 5) I would “give up” social media for the last month of the year, as a way to reset and sort of “detox” before the new year and another birthday…well this year I feel led to start today! The devil is a master manipulator. He will always try to talk you “in to” bad situations and “out of” good ones. He continually reminds me of all the things I will “miss out” on. Then I thought about it…I’m not an INFLUENCER, and I don’t get PAID to post or view posts! In actuality I’ve become “influenced” (no matter how big or small) to compromise and I’ve “spent” way too much time “wasting” time! It’s time for me to DISCONNECT SOCIALLY (from social media) to RECONNECT SPIRITUALLY (stay plugged in, and strengthen my connection to God)! God is the PLUG, the OUTLET, and POWER SOURCE! #BeBlessed

Secure the BAGS! 💰💰💰

Secure the B.A.G.S!
Psalms 37:3-7

Secure: to protect…to put into position…to free from risk of loss…to make certain

I’m not as young as I use to be and a lot of the sayings that the “youth” are using today I have NO IDEA what they mean, but I feel like I have a “grasp” on this one. “Securing the bag” means acquiring something that you want or desire. Well if we want to “secure the bag” PHYSICALLY, God gives us some pointers and principles in His Word to apply to our lives SPIRITUALLY.
Secure the B…
We must “protect” our BODIES from the temptation to attach and align ourselves to people and places that mean us no good. Also “protect” our BRAIN (mind), we have to be “mindful” of the things that we allow to enter and stay in our minds which is the gateway to our spirits! (Phillipians 4:8)
Secure the A…
The ANOINTING is the power of God, given to us by God to make things happen (i.e. Saul and David anointed as king). If we are going to “protect” our Anointing we must stay in a “posture” of obedience (to God) to stay in the “position” given to us (by God) to use the “power” (of God). Don’t be like Saul (1 Samuel 15 *verse 28)!
Secure the G…
“Protect” your GIFTS! God has given us all talents and abilities that we must first discover and secondly USE! Our “gifts” are meant to be shared and “given” to the world with the hope that it/they will help someone along the way. “Use it or Lose it” is a very TRUE statement (I know from personal experience 😕) and it’s our responsibility to PRACTICE and PERFECT our gifts!
Secure the S…
Lastly and most importantly we must “secure” our SALVATION! We must make “sure” and certain that we are in fact SAVED by grace from eternal death and damnation. And contrary to popular belief getting save is as easy as ABC…we must first ACKNOWLEDGE that Jesus is who the bible says He is, that He came and lived a SINLESS life, and He died for a SINFUL world, then rose from the dead with all power! Then Romans 10:9 says that if we can BELIEVE in our hearts, and CONFESS with our mouths…WE WILL BE SAVED!!! I encourage you all to SECURE the BAGS! #BeBlessed

Take the Stone Away!

John 11:34-40

The “stone” is a representation of ANYTHING that gets in between you and God. So we must first identify the problem areas, then “take away” all the things that are causing an interference in your COMMUNICATION (prayer life) and COMMUNION (spending time with the Word, by reading the Word) with God! Take the stone away…
Also the STONE can represent things that keep us stuck and stagnant. The early anchors (for boats, canoes, ships) were made of STONE and used to keep the vessels stationary and stuck in one place. They are used underwater, or “below the surface” meaning that you can’t see them and many people won’t even know they are there. This correlates spiritually with the “secret” sins that only we and God know about and if we never deal with it, will keep us from progressing in Him. So I encourage you to TAKE THE STONE AWAY by “pulling up” your “anchor”, and because of the laws of buoyancy, the same anchor that holds you down while its underwater, if you pull it up, and put it in the boat, the boat will start to move! And because we are Christians, and full of Christ…that means Jesus is “in our boat” and when we take up the anchor of “secret sin” and give it to Him we can start moving again, if we just Take Away the Stone….
Also in biblical times, stones were a tool of punishment and judgment! Jesus said “let him without sin, cast the first stone” and a little later Paul let’s us know that “we all have sinned, and fallen short…” so let us TAKE AWAY THE STONES of judgment and pointing fingers (most of the time we point fingers at those people that sin differently than we did, or still do) and focus on the LOVE. The only way to love with the love of God is to allow Him to TAKE AWAY our hearts of STONE, and give us a new heart and spirit (Ezekiel 36:26). Then we can focus on the LOVING and let God do the JUDGING (rest assured He’s gonna judge!)…the world would be a better place! I just encourage you all to take inventory, do a self check, and TAKE THE STONES AWAY! #BeBlessed

Every STEP of the way…

Psalms 37:23
“Every STEP of the way!” (part 1)
The word “STEP” can be defined as a stage in the process to achieve a desired result or outcome. For example when making pies, STEP 1 is to gather all the ingredients, then subsequently progress until finally the pie is done. In our walks with God, accepting His gift of Salvation is “step 1” and with faith, the power of the Holy Ghost, and the bible we have all of the “ingredients” but we can’t stop there. We gotta take the necessary STEPS to progress and grow into who God designed us to be. #BeBlessed

Psalms 37:23
“Every STEP of the way!” (part 2)
STEP: a movement made by lifting your foot and placing it in a different place (i.e. walking)…a mile is 5,280 feet, a 5k is 3.1 miles, a marathon is 26.2 miles…no matter how LONG the race is, no matter how FAST you walk or run, it is completed one STEP at a time! I believe when we STEP UP for God, He (the Holy Ghost) will STEP DOWN from heaven and be with us! When we STEP OUT in faith, He will STEP IN and lead us! When we STEP TO a difficult situation He will give us the strength to STEP THROUGH it! When the enemy set “traps” and “stumbling blocks” for us to STEP ON, He will give us the wisdom and power to STEP OVER and AROUND them! Keep walking with God, taking it one STEP at time! #BeBlessed

Psalms 37:23; John 5:6-8
“Every STEP of the way!” (part 3)
When I come home and want to get “comfortable” I will “sit” on the couch, or “lay” in the bed. No matter how good it feels to “rest and relax”, understand that you can’t make a STEP until you STAND! In order to progress spiritually, God will call us out of a place of “comfort”, complacency, and familiarity in order to get us where He wants us to be! “Get up from there, sitting down,…God can’t use you SITTING DOWN! #BeBlessed

The STEPS of a good man are ordered by the Lord…”

Psalms 37:23


Persistent Prayer

I believe that God is a MIRACLE WORKER and that He wants to work some miracles for YOU! Because of our faith (or lack thereof), we are putting LIMITS on what our LIMITLESS God can do for us. Prayerfully this challenge will encourage you, and help increase your faith in our Almighty God, and I truly believe that this is our Winning Season, but we CAN’T win if we DON’T run!
***Persistent Prayer Challenge and Faith Builder**
1. Set your mind on something you want God to do for you.
2. Pray for it EVERYDAY until it happens.
3. Don’t tell ANYBODY what you’re praying for. Keep it strictly between you and God!
4. Prepare for you miracle!
5. After He does it for you, tell people what He did and how He did it for you!
Obviously #1 is self explanatory…#2 is where our persistence comes in to play…write it down, set an alarm, do whatever you have to do to remember!…#3 is the faith building part, because it’s between you and God when He does it, you will know for a FACT that He hears YOU, letting you know that you can get a prayer through…#4 faith without works is dead so we must put some works with our faith…#5 sharing the good news! I am super excited for what God is about to do for all of us! I can’t wait to hear YOUR TESTIMONY! #BeBlessed

Obedience and Sacrifice

1 Samuel 15:22, Luke 22:42

“Obedience is better than Sacrifice” is a very familiar and often misused quote. When Samuel said this he was referring to the traditions and rituals of the day (Old testament). He was saying that God would rather them do what is right, instead of constantly shedding the blood of innocent animals. In Luke 22:42, Jesus gives us another perspective. Jesus lets us know that obedience COMES WITH sacrifice. He tells us that during times when we have to do things, say things, and go places for the edification of God and Kingdom building it will take sacrifice. We have to crucify our flesh (SACRIFICE time and resources) in order for us to do what God wants us to do (OBEDIENCE)…#BeBlessed

Accepting Accountability

One day, when I was at the “end of my rope” spiritually and emotionally (marriage on the rocks, and best friend had just died), I prayed to God asking for more of Him. I wanted to feel Him like never before, I wanted to take my relationship with Him to another level, I wanted Him to take the pain away, I wanted Him to make me better! Out of that prayer, He led me to start, what I call, an accountability group. It started as me simply texting a few of my close friends and family (all devout Christians) a scripture and an encouraging word. What began 2 years ago with about 5 men (close friends), has evolved into a group of over 20 people (a few who idk). I’ve put myself “out there” and available to them all for prayer and advice, which in turn has made me focus on my relationship with God. And because I want my prayers to get “past the ceiling” (James 5:16) I try to stay close and connected to God, which inevitably has answered my prayer! This will simply be a compilation of the messages that I send out and I pray that they help you as much as they have helped me. #BeBlessed